Waterproof and breathable technology

The waterproof technology is based on a 3-layer system. A waterproof membrane (white in the video) is inserted between 2 thin layers of fabric. This intermediate membrane prevents water from coming into contact with the skin. But it allows perspiration to escape by playing on the difference in density between water and perspiration (water vapour). The composition of the inner and outer layers vary according to the intended use (warmth, thickness, moisture management, etc.).

Waterproof performance

Impermeability is a technical field. The vocabulary can be sometimes confusing: waterproof, water-repellent, hydrophobic... we explain you everything in this article.

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Understand the 3-layer system

The 3-layer system is a technique of layering specific 3 layers of clothing used by all athletes. This technique makes it possible to evacuate perspiration, to resist the cold and to be protected from the rain and the wind.

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