Technologies & materialsMatières et fibres biosourcées - Huile de ricin - EVO Yarn

Biobased materials and fibers

Bio-based fibers are bioplastics. They are made with vegetals (castor oil, wheat, corn, potato etc.). They can even present sports performance superior to synthetic fibers.

Technologies & materialsPackaging Biodegradable dans l'eau

New Verjari packaging biodegradable in hot water

The new Verjari packaging is biodegradable in hot water. Upon receipt of the product, simply put the packaging in boiling water to make it disappear. It helps to limit plastic pollution in the envi...

Technologies & materialsUne performance textile unique : la fibre Polycolon® Schoeller® flotte sur l'eau

A unique textile performance : the Polycolon® Schoeller® fiber floats on water

Polycolon® is a high performance technical textile fiber developed by Schoeller® in Switzerland. This fiber is used for the Airpocket Verjari underlay. It is one of the lightest functional fibers i...

Technologies & materialsTechnologie S.Café®  P4DRY - À base de café

S.Café® P4DRY Technology - From Coffee grounds

S.Café® P4DRY technology is a textile printing technology made from recycled coffee grounds. It is used for the S-Café P4DRY Verjari jacket. This technology has won several innovation awards around...

Technologies & materialsMatières et fibres naturelles

Natural materials and fibers

The main natural fibers are cotton, linen, silk, wool. We can also cite hemp or cashmere. They are therefore of plant (like cotton) or animal (like wool) origin.

Technologies & materialsTransformer les vieux vêtements en fil 100 % recyclé en France

Transform old clothes into 100% recycled yarn in France

There are extremely ecological processes in France that allow the production of French recycled yarn. We have used this process for the eco-responsible ECO-TREK beanies. Recovery of used clothing A...

Technologies & materialsLes textiles écologiques et eco-responsables pour le sport

Eco-friendly and sustainable sport textiles

Guide of eco-friendly and sustainable textiles used for sports apparels: recycled textiles, natural fibers and bioplastics.

Technologies & materialsLe système 3 couches

Sports equipment : The 3-layer system

The 3-layer system allows you to wick perspiration, resist the cold and protect you from rain and wind. How does it work ?

Technologies & materialsVêtement imperméable

Waterproof garments, how does it work ?

How waterproof garments are made ? How the technology work ?

Technologies & materialsLes matières et fibres recyclées - La fibre Q-Nova Fulgar

Recycled sports clothing: ecology and performance

Used plastics pile up around us (bottles, bags, etc.) and generally end up in nature. There is a huge stock already produced that we can use to manufacture our sportswear, without loss of performance.

Technologies & materialsTextiles auto-réparateurs : Vers des vêtements auto-cicatrisants

Self-healing textile: long-lasting clothing

Verjari is developing a garment capable of completely absorbing certain degradations such as holes. Self-healing clothing designed for an ultra-long life.

Technologies & materialsVêtements en graphène : Des propriétés sportives exceptionnelles

Graphene clothing: Exceptional sports properties

Graphene will change the sports industry. Both thermal and bacteriostatic regulator, extremely light and resistant, its properties suggest a new future for sportswear.